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Maintenance and Repair

Acting on time translates into economic savings for your company. Do not wait for electrical equipment to present problems, preventive maintenance is much cheaper than corrective maintenance.Trust GRUPO EMINSA to prevent damage or future problems in your electrical installations. It offers various maintenance and prevention services for your transformers, which can be carried out "on site" or in our workshop, depending on the characteristics of the work. We carry out a diagnosis of distribution transformers, evaluating its status with the transformer de-energized.The benefits are:• Longer useful life of the transformer.• Reduction of interruptions due to equipment failures

Corrective maintenance

Through this Maintenance Service, GRUPO EMINSA offers you a corrective alternative for your transformers. The "on site" service has the following scope:
  • Change of high and low voltage insulators.
  • Packing change.
  • Terminal repair.
  • Increase or change of dielectric oil.
  • Dielectric oil recirculation or change.
  • Improved grounding resistance.
The service in the workshop has the following scope:
  • Packing change.
  • Recirculate or change oil.
  • Oil change and increase.
  • Vat repair.
  • Change of high and low voltage insulators.
  • TAP selector key change.
  • TAP selector key change.
  • Repair and zinc plating of terminals.
  • Drying of active part and vat.
  • High and low tension winding rewind.


Preventive Maintenance

Through the general inspection service of the transformation station, we carry out a diagnosis of the state of operation of your transformer.Based on the result of this procedure, we prepare the pertinent recommendations and carry out minor repairs such as changing connectors, changing gaskets and adjusting loose connections. The maintenance service can be performed "on site" or in the workshop, depending on the scope of the work.On-site maintenance includes, in addition to the general inspection, the following tests:• Change of high and low voltage insulators.• Measurement of insulation resistance.• Measurement of the ohmic resistance of the ground connection.• Sampling of dielectric oils.

Transformer Test Laboratory

Every transformer must be technically in good operating condition to be incorporated into the electrical distribution network. At GRUPO EMINSA we offer you the preventive testing service for your transformer, in our test bench.We diagnose the status of your transformer by issuing a test protocol considering the following:
  • General inspection of machines.
  • Insulation measurement.
  • Measurement of the transformation ratio.
  • Determination of copper losses (test under nominal load).
  • Determination of iron losses (test under vacuum load).
  • magnetizing current. Impedance.
  • Regulation and performance.


Diagnosis and Consulting

GRUPO EMINSA lends its almost 50 years of experience in the electrical sector to the service of its clients. We have the capacity to evaluate any failure, damage or simply a new development to determine the optimal solutions.Among the services of this type that we normally offer are:
  1. Tariff advice.
  2. Advice for bad power factor and Capacitor Bank Sizing Service Incorporating System Harmonic Measurements.
  3. Electric surveys.
  4. Capacity Increases.
  5. Calculations for the installation of new splices, according to your needs.
  6. Rearrangement of internal charges.
  7. etc.


Installations and Electrical Assemblies

GRUPO EMINSA offers its clients electrical installation and assembly services for commercial and industrial residential development projects; both in High and Low Voltage.We put at your disposal a work team made up of engineers and technical personnel, who provide solutions to any electrical requirement: Initial studies and execution of projects, construction, restructuring or remodeling of existing electrical installations and installation /incorporation of new equipment.

Design of Electrical Installations

GRUPO EMINSA offers the design service for electrical installations. Our Engineering department is in charge of offering you the most optimal, practical and viable design; always looking for the best solution for our clients.We also offer the ease of processing the approval of the plans with the corresponding institutions.

Dielectric Oil Analysis

GRUPO EMINSA associated with SD MYERS in the USA and ISA Colombia offers the dielectric oil sampling and analysis service that allows you to obtain a detailed report on the status and condition of the equipment you have in operation.These tests serve as an excellent tool in making critical decisions and allows you to act preventively. Among the tests we offer are:• Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)• Karl Fischer Moisture (KF)• Liquid Power Factor (PF)• Oxidation Inhibitor Content (DBPC)• Dissolved Metals (ICP)• Furanic Compounds (FUR)• Neutralization number D 974• Interfacial tension (IFT) D 971• Relative density (Specific Gravity) D 1298• Color D 1500• Visual examination D 1524• Dielectric strength (Disk Electrodes) D 877

Transformer Rental

GRUPO EMINSA offers a service of Temporary Rental of Transformers with equipment of up to 2500 KVA, for clients that have a medium voltage electric power supply. Through this service, you can avoid the high investment that the purchase of a new equipment means.Among the advantages of our Transformer Rental Service, we can cite:• The constant concern for preventive maintenance of own equipment is eliminated.• The possibility of changing the transformer for one that adapts to variations in the connected power remains open.• In case of repairs or maintenance of consumer transformers, electricity supply is ensured by renting replacement transformers.


Collection and Recycling of equipment contaminated with PCBs

We offer PCB contaminated equipment collection services and serve as a collection center to store and then send to our strategic partner, ORION BV, to dispose of the contaminated material. ORION has a plant in Drachten, NL where transformers contaminated with PCBs can be safely disassembled in order to reuse the remaining materials.Thanks to the application of the most advanced techniques, Orion is capable of separating up to a maximum of 95% of materials and make them suitable for recycling. The factory has been built and laid out in such a way that our employees can work safely. Safe for us and safe for the environment. ORION has all the permits to disassemble and process material that contains PCB's).
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