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It is probably not well known that one of the surcharges that are billed on your electricity bill is due to the waste of electrical energy, and we are not referring to the waste that you can imagine, for example leaving a machine on without using it. , but rather the waste that all equipment, machines and accessories cause due to their electrical nature and that is technically known as LOW POWER FACTOR, in other words wasted electrical energy and that is paid and PENALIZED WITH SURCHARGES to users.

The Power Factor (PF) reflects the percentage of waste between the total energy received from the Power Company and the energy used by its equipment, machines and accessories.

Normally in the Dominican Republic and the region, if the user presents a power factor less than 0.900 or 90%, then he is penalized. To compensate for this waste, the CAPACITOR BANKS correct the POWER FACTOR, eliminating the waste of energy and the surcharges for this concept.

This appears to be a technical problem, but it directly involves the administration of your company, because that is where the decision to solve this problem using CAPACITORS lies. Do not wait any longer and request a visit from one of our technicians, who will explain in simple terms how they work and will verify the savings that can be obtained by installing them.

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