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GRUPO EMINSA provides a wide range of Medium and High Voltage equipment for the markets of:

– Electric Generation, Transmission and Distribution.
– Industrial / Contractors.
– Construction and Tourism Projects.
– Clinics and hospitals.

These products are marketed under the EMINSA brand and the other manufacturers that we represent and distribute in our market.

Our products are backed by nearly 50 years of experience in design, innovation, development, and quality. These have a proven track record, characterized by durability and reliability.

Pole Type Transformers

 They are Single-phase, 60 HZ, manufactured in Powers of: 15, 25, 37.5, 50, 75, 100, 167, 250, 333 and 500 KVA according to the ANSI C 57-12-00 standard or according to the particular specification of our clients. The most common use is for residential service loads and sometimes for light loads, both commercial and industrial.The protection schemes are the following:• SELF-PROTECTED SP (Surge Protecting) The SP protection scheme includes the assembly of lightning rods on the transformer and Internal high voltage protection fuses. It does not include a switch for low or high voltage.• SELF-PROTECTED CP (Current Protecting) The CP protection scheme is equipped with internal high voltage protection fuses and an internal breaker that can be installed in both the high voltage (Magnex) and low voltage (LV Breaker) circuits, depending on the customer's requirement. Does not include assembly of lightning rods.• CSP SELF-PROTECTED (Complete Protected) The CSP protection scheme, the lightning rod protects the transformer from surges caused by lightning strikes and/or switching operations. The protection fuse (Link) operates to disconnect the transformer from service in case an internal fault occurs. The switch provides the transformer with a degree of overload and short-circuit protection either on the primary or secondary side, depending on the selected protection.

Pad Mounted Transformers

They can be THREE-PHASE or SINGLE-PHASE, 60 HZ, manufactured in powers from 15 to 100 KVA in single-phase and from: 30 to 3000 KVA in three-phase; In voltages of 5Kv, up to 34.5 Kv, both in Delta and Star connection, according to the ANSI C57-12-26, ANSI C57-12-25, ANSI C57-12-28 standard or our clients' particular specifications. Designed and built for operation In underground distribution systems, we offer RADIAL or MESH alternatives, depending on the type of circuit where they are to be installed. Single-phase transformers are designed to operate powered by the primary in a phase-ground system to avoid magnetic ferro resonance effects. The three-phase tanks are provided with an independent console bolted to the transformer that serves as protection for both low and high voltage circuits, with a mechanical interlock that, for safety reasons, does not allow the high voltage compartment to be opened, until the same has been done with the low voltage one. a safe operation. Power is provided through an internal load-operated disconnector and bayonet assemblies that offer a complete fuse protection scheme.

Dry type transformers

They are characterized by the fact that they do not need to be submerged in dielectric oil, which makes their use for indoor use quite practical.Two kinds of dry-type transformers are manufactured• The so-called LOW-LOW, in powers from 15 kVA to 500 kVA triphasic and voltages less than 600 V. They are commonly used for the conversion of low voltages such as: 440V/ 220V or 220V/ 440V, in commercial or industrial premises that have equipment at different voltage levels. They usually do not carry voltage derivations and are confined in tanks that protect them from atmospheric agents with enclosures of the IP degree that the client requests.• HIGH-LOW transformers are manufactured in powers from 75 kVA to 1000 kVA, class 15 kV according to to ANSI C57-12 standard. They are normally used in shopping malls, buildings and industries where fire risks must be minimized. They are built with circular section windings and staggered section stacked cores. Its entire insulation scheme is designed with 180°C class materials to withstand the heating and overload conditions established by the standard. They generally do not have a tank, because they are designed to be included in the cabinets of high voltage substations.

Substation Transformers

Distribution/transmission by power companies. They are ideal for large industrial facilities, shopping malls, office buildings and electrical company substations. The units can be:• Small Power or “SMALL POWER UNIT”: immersed in oil and manufactured from 500 KVA to 10 MVA in voltages of 15 KV, 34.5 KV and 69 KV• Medium Power or “MEDIUM POWER UNIT”: immersed in oil and manufactured from 10 MVA to 60 MVA in voltages of 34.5 KV, 69 KV and 138 KV with ONAN refrigeration and with an extensive option of accessories such as: on-load tap changer; Forced cooling systems; fluid preservation systems; protection for temperature, overpressure or humidity and other options to meet special requests for virtually any application).

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